Studio & Workshops

Man holding up flower artwork next woman at Xico

The BIPOC Arts program is kicking off our first round of classes hosted at Xico! This first round of classes are taught from the first graduating class of the BIPOC Arts program. Our artists Roni Lee, Goolam Saber, and Savanah Hill will each be teaching 8 week courses ranging in medium and subject. These classes are FREE for community members 55+ and all materials are provided. Just sign up on the Xico website, or with the link in our bio. Please share widely with your networks and let’s get creative!


Creating marks in a plate; ink pushed into the marks, raised areas wiped clean of ink, wet paper laid on top of plate and rolled through etching press.


A metal plate is coated with a ground, allowed to dry, and then an image is meticulously scratched into the coating to reveal the metal underneath; when exposed to an acid solution, the image is etched onto the plate.


Using a burin tool to meticulously carve smooth, clean lines into a metal plate, resulting in sharp and highly precise imagery.


Achieves broad areas of shading by applying acid-resistant particles to certain areas of the plate, followed by etching those areas using an acid solution.


The process of carving away the negative areas from a matrix, applying ink onto the raised portions, placing dry paper on top, and then applying pressure, either manually or with a press, to transfer the image onto the paper.


The natural grain of the wood block plays a crucial role as it adds texture and nuance to the final printed image.


Utilizes a linoleum block, known for its longer-lasting properties and environmentally friendly nature.


Involves creating an image on a flat surface or plane to produce prints.


A method that entails crafting an image on limestone using grease or oil, etching the stone with nitric acid to create ink-adhesive areas, and then using a wet sponge to selectively remove ink from unintended areas.


Bridges the gap between planographic and drawing techniques, involving the application of inks to a plexiglass plate using various mark-making tools, solvents for textures, and stencils for creating more defined forms.